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At Enlightened Minds, our client journey is essential to us. We would like to share what people are saying about their therapy and assessments.

My experience with Gemma throughout the entire screening and diagnostic process was brilliant. After facing consistent difficulties throughout my life, I started to suspect there was something more going on than I originally thought. My previous “knowledge” of ADHD was grossly outdated at best; undisciplined children who had seemingly boundless energy. However, I learnt that many of the real and studied issues of ADHD were actually starkly similar to mine. Needless to say, I was taken aback. Looking for the best way to assess suspected ADHD was an incredibly nervous time for me. Long waiting times, confusion and fear of stigmatisation only added to the anxiety. 
When I found Gemma through Enlightened Psychology, it was reassuring to find that she specialised in ADHD assessments. Reassuring is the word I’d use to describe the whole procedure. After discussing what was troubling me, I was guided on what was the best way forward. Firstly, I took the free initial screening test, which I was very relieved to find was an option. It meant that there was no pressure whatsoever to nosedive into a process that may not have been right for me. My understanding of ADHD was still sketchy, and I was surprised to find that more detailed and thorough tests were required (I did feel closer to an answer, however). I agreed to the full-diagnostic test. I was over the moon to find that the issue of waiting times was, for me, now gone. I was seen promptly without issue. 
Throughout the main assessment, I was treated with the utmost respect, patience and sympathy. Having such a test is no easy undertaking for anyone, but not once did I feel pressured in any way. I was nervous, yes. However, Gemma made me feel very comfortable, secure, and able to discuss all topics without fear of judgement. She was also incredibly understanding of the symptoms I faced. She knew how to create a calm atmosphere to accommodate me. Every relevant area was covered in the assessment, and no stone was unturned. It was thorough, to say the least.
After diagnosis (which came weeks later, not months), I felt a great sense of closure. Further studies have me absolutely 100% convinced that this was the accurate result and the right way forward for me. Now, I understand myself much better than I ever have in my entire life. I accept myself and I know what to do to manage my life and live it to the fullest.
Honestly, my only regret is that I did not seek this help sooner. 
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Client Comments

I am very appreciative of the assessment, it was very effective, I felt like I was finally listened to after so many years.

The assessment and diagnosis  really helped me understand myself better and know what help to ask for. 

I found the ADHD assessment accessible and easy to understand. I also felt that you were very understanding and empathetic, which I really appreciate as I have had a lot of negative experiences, so I just would really like to thank you for making me feel so comfortable and supported! 

Having my diagnosis has been very helpful to me, I understand why I am doing things rather than just being annoyed with myself and feeling stupid.

I found the assessment extremely helpful and you made me feel very comfortable and you put me at ease. The diagnosis has been so validating. I can' thank you enough. 

Accessing a diagnosis has been a tough process and my life continues to be challenging but your assessment and diagnosis has really helped me understand myself better and know what help to ask for. Thank you so much.

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