Post Diagnostic Support Sessions

Post-diagnostic support sessions are essential for individuals who have received a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). These sessions provide guidance, resources, and strategies to help navigate life after diagnosis and can empower individuals and their families to thrive after receiving an ADHD or ASD diagnosis.

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What these sessions might look like?

Understanding your diagnosis

These sessions are to help provide you with a clearer understanding of what your diagnosis of ADHD or ASD means and the areas of your life that it affects. This will offer you support on navigating the areas that you find challenging.

Evidence based support

Our support comes in the form of individual sessions with a Specialist Neurodevelopmental Practitioner. This support will be based on evidence-based practice which may integrate CBT, DBT, systematic therapy and other treatment modalities that will be bespoke to the individual.

Working with families

We also work with the whole family, especially parents, to equip them with strategies that will enable them to address behaviours that are challenging. Our aim is to support you to cope better with the ever-evolving landscape that plays out alongside a diagnosis of ADHD or ASD.

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Adults 18+

Specialist Neurodevelopmental Session

Understand your diagnosis with an evidence based approach that will help empower you.

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Young People  5-17

Specialist Neurodevelopmental Session

Understand their diagnosis, equip the family and support network with the right coping skills.

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