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You can book an ADHD/ASD Assessment or our Post Diagnostic Support Service directly via our online booking system.

The cost of the Full ADHD Diagnostic Assessment is:

Adults (over 18)- £795

Children (under 18) – £850

The cost of the Full Autism Assessment is:

Adults (Over 18) – £1950

Children (Under 18) – £1950

The Cost of our Post Diagnostic Services are:

Post Diagnostic Support Sessions 1:1 – £75 per session

Coaching 1:1- £75 per session

Study Skills Coaching 1:1 – £75 per session

Managing ADHD (12 Session) Support Group – £TBC

Please ensure you have completed our Free Initial Screening Process before booking onto the full ADHD or ASD assessment. You can do so below here.

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