ADHD/Autism Coaching

ADHD coaching is a collaborative partnership between a person with ADHD traits (including those impacted by ADHD) and a professional coach. The coach brings current ADHD knowledge, best practices, understanding, and ADHD-friendly skills and tools to facilitate positive personal and professional change for the client.

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What does ADHD coaching entail?

Purpose & Approach

Unlike other forms of coaching, ADHD coaching specifically addresses the unique needs and aspirations of individuals with ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms. It is a supportive, collaborative, and goal-oriented process that aims to enhance the client’s functioning and well-being.

Our Approach

Here at Enlightened Minds we have specialist ADHD Coaches and Mentors who can work with you on a 1:1 to support and help you to navigate challenges in work life, studies or even your homelife and relationships.

The Key Aspects of ADHD Coaching

Targeted Interventions

ADHD coaching focuses on core impairments associated with ADHD, such as planning, time management, goal setting, organization, and problem-solving.

Individualised Support

Coaches tailor their approach to meet the specific needs of each client, recognising that ADHD manifests differently in different individuals.

Skill Development

Clients learn practical strategies and skills to navigate challenges related to attention, impulsivity, and executive functioning.


Coaches help clients set and achieve goals, providing encouragement and accountability along the way.

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Adults 18+

ADHD/ASD Coaching Session

Set yourself clear actionable goals and gain a greater sense of well-being.

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Young People  5-17

ADHD/ASD Coaching Session

1:1 support to help you navigate life’s challenges, relationships, and studies.

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