ADHD Therapy Sessions

ADHD therapy at Enlightened Minds involves behavioural therapy techniques tailored to the individual's needs. We aim to improve attention, impulse control, and executive function skills, helping individuals with ADHD manage symptoms and thrive in daily life.

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What these sessions might look like?

Understanding your therapy needs

Our ADHD therapy sessions involve identifying specific goals and challenges, which may vary from improving coping skills to addressing relationship issues or managing symptoms of anxiety or depression. A therapy session often includes open dialogue, exploration of thoughts and emotions, and collaborative problem-solving to promote self-awareness, personal growth, and positive change.

Explore your emotions

Therapy support entails providing a safe and empathetic space for individuals to explore their emotions, experiences, and concerns without judgment. Sessions may involve offering guidance, validation, and coping strategies tailored to the individual’s needs, fostering a sense of empowerment, resilience, and emotional well-being.

Working with families

Working with families involves fostering open communication, understanding dynamics, and building collaborative strategies to address challenges and promote positive outcomes for all members. By cultivating strong family bonds, facilitating healthy conflict resolution, and providing support and resources, therapy can create lasting benefits for individuals and families, enhancing resilience, cohesion, and well-being both in the present and for future generations.

Mindfulness & cognitive behavioral techniques

In therapy sessions incorporating mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural techniques, individuals can expect to learn practical strategies for increasing self-awareness, managing stress, and cultivating a non-judgmental attitude towards their thoughts and emotions. Through guided exercises and discussions, we work collaboratively to develop skills for recognising and challenging unhelpful thought patterns, building resilience, and fostering a greater sense of empowerment and well-being.

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Adults 18+

ADHD Therapy Session

Manage symptoms, enhance self-awareness, and thrive in daily life!

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Young People  5-17

ADHD Therapy Session

Navigate challenges, build resilience, and achieve your full potential.

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